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Mission Statement

ABG Services Incorporated was established to provide a competitive marketplace where institutional portfolio managers can purchase federally insured Certificates of Deposits through a platform of deposit programs consisting of hundreds of federally insured financial institutions nationwide.


ABG Services was founded in 1997 on the basis of communicating deposit offers by FDIC member financial institutions to portfolio managers of state & federal credit unions, non-profit organizations, banking institutions and trust companies. By the year 2000, ABG expanded their deposit services to business managers of local government entities such as school districts, counties and other state and local municipalities. Today, ABG is one of the leading deposit referral companies in the industry, executing over 12,000 transactions annually.

happy business people ABG is owned and managed by its two partners, who monitor and oversee the firm's business strategies and objectives. Dominick Gallelli is the firm's President and Director of Bank Funding; Vincent Arma is Vice President, Head of Investor Sales and Treasurer. Both partners have a combined experience of over 50 years in the CD industry.

ABG has one affiliated company, ICD Securities Incorporated, which is a registered broker-dealer and member of the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Association). ICD specializes in underwriting brokered certificates of deposits registered through the Depository Trust Company. It also provides investment services to financial managers of banking institutions, credit unions and municipal entities.

Deposit Volume

ABG has referred over $60 billion in bank deposits with federally insured institutions since its inception. The majority of our placements have been from institutional depositors; however in the past 3 years public funds represent nearly 65 percent of the overall placements.