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Funding Programs

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Why use ABG Funding Programs?

Local Deposits - vs - DEPOSIT REFERRAL

Generally smaller dollar amounts that may not fulfill your liquidity needs in a timely fashion.

Larger dollar amounts that quickly satisfy liquidity needs.
Advertising to the core deposit market is necessary for banks looking to grow liquidity. The cost of advertising not only cuts into profits but historically has limited results. Above market rate promotions usually lure local HOT RATE customers.
The funds can be raised without paying costly advertising fees. In most cases the deposits you receive are part of a larger investment portfolio that thrives on the need for renewal rates.
The staff of your institution is required to collect all necessary documentation to satisfy your institution's CIP requirements.
ABG will assist your staff in getting all documents necessary to satisfy your CIP requirements.
Funds spent up front without any guarantees. This leaves a lot of guesswork when attracting deposits and meeting liquidity needs.
All costs are provided up front displaying the end results prior to spending one penny. This allows you a more accurate cost analysis.

ABG Funding programs equal more profit.

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  • Why deal with companies that only offer one funding platform? ABG can offer you multiple funding choices to diversify your client base as well as lower your overall interest cost when acquiring the funding you need.

  • Why pay to display your rates alongside the competition causing you to pay up on your rates when you need funds? ABG will market your rates and terms by proactively contacting depositors that are currently in the market. We increase your prospects by utilizing our software to filter out the clients that currently have deposits with your institution.

  • This is a customized program. With the use of our multiple funding programs, institutions can dictate the type of funding they want as well as the increments that they feel comfortable receiving.

  • Unlike other funding services, ABG can deliver deposits to your institutions in a variety of increments depending on your preference. We offer individual deposits up to the maximum allotted by the FDIC or we can provide block funding that exceeds these limits both with and without collateral.

Please note: Only well capitalized banking institutions should utilize a referral service to help meet liquidity shortfalls. Special funding such as referred deposits should fit into your institution's overall AML strategy. There should not be any particular stigma associated with the acceptance of referred deposits. In written correspondence with the FDIC they have indicated that the acceptance and use of these types of deposits should not be discouraged.

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