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Deposit Volume

Since inception, ABG has referred over $60 billion in bank deposits to federally insured institutions for maturity durations ranging from 30 days to 10 years. The majority of the placements have been from domestic financial institutions; however in the past 3 years domestic public funds represent nearly 65 percent of the overall placements.

Unlike other deposit referral services ABG is the only one that offers you a full spectrum of funding sources:
  • Direct Placements - These deposits are transacted directly from our clients without any third party involvement.

  • Preferred Placements - These deposits allow ABG to facilitate the paperwork between its clients and your institution ensuring that all our clients' information is received properly and in a timely fashion. This also assists your staff in gathering the information needed to set up accounts without having to contact numerous authorized individuals.

  • Collateralized Deposits - For banks seeking large deposit placements who are willing to pledge a permitted form of collateral such as Federal Loan Bank Letters of Credit or a portfolio of assets (U.S. Treasuries, Gov't Agencies) in a third-party custodial account.

  • Uncollateralized Deposits - For banks seeking large deposit placements that exceed up to the maximum insurance offered by the FDIC. Qualified banks must meet strict credit parameters.

  • Total Cost Deposits - These deposits are best suited for well-capitalized banks who are seeking a cost-effective way of attracting funds at rates below the current national market.

  • Depository Trust Program (DTC) - For banks who are seeking large deposits through the broker deposit market with minimum placements of $1 million or more. These deposits will be executed thru ICD Securities Inc., our affiliated FINRA Company.

  • Agent or Custodial Accounts - For banks looking for single deposits in increments of $75,000 up to $5,000,000. There are no fees involved in attracting these funds. This affords your institution the opportunity to attract larger denomination deposits eliminating the paperwork associated with opening numerous accounts.

For more information please contact us at 1.800.807.3447, or click here.