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Investor Programs - Choose the type of CD program that is right for you!

Investor Program
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ABG Services Inc. offers all the different types of CD that are offered in the open market. Below is a brief description of the different types that are available. Please be advised that all the programs we offer are either set up directly with FDIC-regulated entities or clear through a regulated clearing program.

Direct Deposits

This type of CD allows you, the customer, to place funds directly with federally insured institutions. In this case ABG will quote the rates and assist you in establishing your purchase.

Custodial CDs

Your investments are held at one of our FDIC-insured custodian banks. Your investment is wired into a segregated custody account maintained by a custodian bank. This account is subject to internal and external audits as well as periodic reviews by governmental agencies. One wire transfer is all you need - whether you're investing $25,000 or $5,000,000. This service will save you the time it takes to open accounts, transfer funds, verify and collect interest payments and maintain records. There will be a convenient one time account set up for all your CDs. You will then receive integrated monthly interest checks with a complete accounting and reconciliation statement. There are no fees charged to you. CDs held by our custodian banks are transferable within the network.


city handshake Depository Trust Certificates - This program allows you to view and purchase certificates of deposit that are offered by Registered Broker/Dealers worldwide. There is no fee to purchase these CDs and they can be delivered to any securities account. If you do not have a securities account established, we will assist in having one set up for you.

We structure the following types of CDs:

  • Fixed Rate
  • Variable Rate
  • Zero Coupon CDs
  • Callable CDs (with a variety of call options)

The following list shows what types of entities purchase CDs

  • Institutional
  • Private Individual
  • Pension Plans
  • Public Entities
  • Credit Unions
  • RA and Retirement Accounts

For more information please contact us at 1.800.807.3447, or click here.