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Investor Programs - ABG's "SMARRT" Principles

Investor Program
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Safety - ABG structures all of your CD purchases so that both your principle and accruing interest are within the maximum insurance coverage provided by the FDIC.

Manageability - ABG advocates a "laddered-maturity" portfolio, taking advantage of yield spreads for longer durations while managing your short-term cash flow needs effectively.

Accessibility - All of ABG's CD programs provide easy access to your funds if a cash shortfall should arise, with deposits typically converted back into cash within 48 hours of initial request.

Rates - ABG places out millions of dollars in CD deposits each day. Because of this purchasing power, we are able to negotiate interest rates that are generally higher than what you would otherwise receive on your own.

Reliability - ABG prides itself on fast and efficient trade execution, making sure that each transaction you place through us is to your utmost satisfaction.

Trust - ABG understands the importance of good business and is fully committed to you and your institution. We offer our full resources to our clientele each and every day. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain relationships with institutions that last decades. Please feel free to request a list of references of companies that have utilized our program from your funds specialist.

For more information please contact us at 1.800.807.3447, or click here.