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Investor Programs - Why portfolio managers use ABG Services, Inc.

Investor Program
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ABG Services Inc. provides a conservative marketplace where portfolio managers can easily purchase federally insured Certificates of Deposit. These Certificates of Deposit are offered by hundreds of financial institutions nationwide. Even though we provide you with the rates, it is you, the customer, who makes the final decision on what is purchased and what best suits your cash flow needs.

ABG has spent the last decade networking and building relationships with financial institutions nationwide. These institutions call upon our Deposit Referral Service to supply them with deposits when they need to meet a variety of liquidity demands.

In many cases the premium rates we are able to acquire are not seen by even the most sophisticated portfolio managers. This occurs because of the exclusivity of our banking relationships. These financial institutions rely on our ability to raise funds quickly and quietly through our vast network of portfolio managers. The only institutions that can take advantage of these higher rates are our clients.

From our decades of experience we know that when it comes to acquiring funds and/or placing out excess liquidity, the average deposit referral service falls short of satisfying investor needs. Most depositories are forced to go to different funding sources to acquire funds. Many pay fees to rate services whether they are in the market or not. In most cases issuers are displayed in the open market with 200 other depositories. There is a loss of personal attention. ABG is with you from start to finish working with you until your needs are met. Here at ABG we will assign you an account specialist that will assist you in identifying market trends and help you acquire funds quickly and effectively. How does this benefit our investors? It allows our customers to view more rates offered by financial institutions FREE OF CHARGE. Our seasoned CD Specialists will work with you in selecting the right CD for you and be there for you to resolve any unforeseen issues to help make the placing of funds a simple and painless process.

For more information please contact us at 1.800.807.3447, or click here.