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January 7, 2011 - ABG Services, Inc. Launches New Website

ABG Services, one of the leading deposit referral companies in the financial industry, has launched a new and improved corporate website. Located at, the user-friendly site features easier navigation, "live help" and a clean, modern graphic design.

ABG Services Incorporated was established in 1997 to provide a competitive marketplace where institutional portfolio managers can purchase federally insured Certificates of Deposits through a platform of deposit programs consisting of hundreds of federally insured financial institutions nationwide. Since its inception, ABG has referred over $15 billion dollars in bank deposits with federally insured institutions.

The new site features ABG Services' full spectrum of investor and funding programs, rate request, testimonials, resources and links, and the latest company news - all of which reinforce the company's reputation for reliability and integrity, and allow clients to make smart, informed investment decisions.

To learn how you can maximize your portfolio returns with ABG Services, please visit