Our Team

Here at ABG Services, our team is compromised of account executives, sales traders and relationship managers who have proven time and time again to be industry experts. Individually, our team members hold a tremendous amount of industry knowledge and experience. So when we get together, it’s no wonder why ABG is one of the leading deposit referral companies in the industry.

Partner and President

I have been in the industry for over 27 years. I started out by helping financial institutions with their funding needs by attracting institutional deposits using their CD offerings. From there I started to work with Public Funds through relationships that I had cultivated with Financial Advisory firms. This gave our funding clients access to funding in excess of 1 billion dollars. Currently I am responsible for managing a floor of about 18 account executives, helping them cultivate and grow their client base. I am very grateful for the relationships that I have made through ABG Services Inc and I am proud of what Vincent and I have created over the past 20 years and look forward to the future.
Licenses Held: Series 63, Series 7

Partner and Chief Executive Officer

My career began in 1987, offering Banks and Credit Unions a toll-free hotline to the National CD Market. By 1992 I received my Series 63,7 and 24 FINRA licenses. In 1994 I was promoted to Vice President of Sales of Pioneer Services Inc. and I was responsible for overlooking a floor of licensed FINRA Representatives. In December 1997, my partners and I launched ABG Services Inc where I serve as the company’s Secretary Treasurer and Head of Compliance. I have spent these last 32 years working closely with Sr. officers of financial institutions, providing them with deposit products that cover both the placement of excess liquidity and access to billions of vesting dollars. Over the past 32 years I have accumulated a vast understanding of the deposit market. My greatest accomplishment has been the relationships I have forged and the unquestioned guidance I have provided.


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Chief Executive Officer

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Fran Passarella
Senior Account Executive

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Frank Mansueto
Senior Account Executive

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Janelle Rudden
Office Manager

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Joseph Arma Jr.
Senior Account Executive

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Direct: 631.648.6291

Michael Fortini
Senior Account Executive

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Patti Ann Smith
Senior Account Executive

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Raechel Dunham
Senior Account Executive

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Alexandre DeKenipp
Account Executive

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Mobile: 631.394.4943

Patrick Gallelli
Senior Account Executive / Operations

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Alexa Arma

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Rachel Gallelli

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Joseph Arma
Public Funds Manager

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Mike Miller
Senior Account Executive

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Direct 631-648-6279