Investor Programs



While receiving premium rates on your Certificates of Deposits, ABG advises clients to open each account up to the maximum insurance offered by the FDIC. Therefore, our clients enjoy the security of knowing that their money is insured by the FDIC and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.


Return on investments offered by financial institutions are typically higher through our platform because of the buying power of the program, not your individual invested dollars.


By purchasing Certificates of Deposits through ABG, all of our investors will maximize their portfolio returns because the rates that are negotiated with the financial institution are based on the total amount of the deposits that we are referring to the institution, not each client’s individual investment.


Our program offers a high degree of flexibility by offering maturities that range from 30 days to 10 years. Interest payments are issued in a variety of ways, i.e., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or at maturity.


To ensure that our clients are informed of the best possible returns for their deposits, ABG has a Funds Acquisition Department which acquires rates from financial institutions nationwide. This department works diligently to negotiate rates and build relationships.


Our toll-free number puts you in touch with a CD specialist that will assist you in locating the Certificate of Deposit which best suits your portfolio schedule.


ABG Services Inc. provides a conservative marketplace where portfolio managers can easily purchase federally insured Certificates of Deposit. These Certificates of Deposit are offered by hundreds of financial institutions nationwide. Even though we provide you with the rates, it is you, the customer, who makes the final decision on what is purchased and what best suits your cash flow needs.
ABG has spent the last decade networking and building relationships with financial institutions nationwide. These institutions call upon our Deposit Referral Service to supply them with deposits when they need to meet a variety of liquidity demands.
In many cases the premium rates we are able to acquire are not seen by even the most sophisticated portfolio managers. This occurs because of the exclusivity of our banking relationships. These financial institutions rely on our ability to raise funds quickly and quietly through our vast network of portfolio managers. The only institutions that can take advantage of these higher rates are our clients.
From our decades of experience we know that when it comes to acquiring funds and/or placing out excess liquidity, the average deposit referral service falls short of satisfying investor needs. Most depositories are forced to go to different funding sources to acquire funds. Many pay fees to rate services whether they are in the market or not. In most cases issuers are displayed in the open market with 200 other depositories. There is a loss of personal attention. ABG is with you from start to finish working with you until your needs are met. Here at ABG we will assign you an account specialist that will assist you in identifying market trends and help you acquire funds quickly and effectively. How does this benefit our investors? It allows our customers to view more rates offered by financial institutions FREE OF CHARGE. Our seasoned CD Specialists will work with you in selecting the right CD for you and be there for you to resolve any unforeseen issues to help make the placing of funds a simple and painless process.


Safety – ABG structures all of your CD purchases so that both your principle and accruing interest are within the maximum insurance coverage provided by the FDIC.
Manageability – ABG advocates a “laddered-maturity” portfolio, taking advantage of yield spreads for longer durations while managing your short-term cash flow needs effectively.
Accessibility – All of ABG’s CD programs provide easy access to your funds if a cash shortfall should arise, with deposits typically converted back into cash within 48 hours of initial request.
Rates – ABG places out millions of dollars in CD deposits each day. Because of this purchasing power, we are able to negotiate interest rates that are generally higher than what you would otherwise receive on your own.
Reliability – ABG prides itself on fast and efficient trade execution, making sure that each transaction you place through us is to your utmost satisfaction.
Trust – ABG understands the importance of good business and is fully committed to you and your institution. We offer our full resources to our clientele each and every day. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain relationships with institutions that last decades. Please feel free to request a list of references of companies that have utilized our program from your funds specialist.


ABG Services Inc. offers all the different types of CD that are offered in the open market. Below is a brief description of the different types that are available. Please be advised that all the programs we offer are either set up directly with FDIC-regulated entities or clear through a regulated clearing program.

Direct Deposits

This type of CD allows you, the customer, to place funds directly with federally insured institutions. In this case ABG will quote the rates and assist you in establishing your purchase.

Custodial CDs

Your investments are held at one of our FDIC-insured custodian banks. Your investment is wired into a segregated custody account maintained by a custodian bank. This account is subject to internal and external audits as well as periodic reviews by governmental agencies. One wire transfer is all you need – whether you’re investing $25,000 or $5,000,000. This service will save you the time it takes to open accounts, transfer funds, verify and collect interest payments and maintain records. There will be a convenient one time account set up for all your CDs. You will then receive integrated monthly interest checks with a complete accounting and reconciliation statement. There are no fees charged to you. CDs held by our custodian banks are transferable within the network.


Depository Trust Certificates – This program allows you to view and purchase certificates of deposit that are offered by Registered Broker/Dealers worldwide. There is no fee to purchase these CDs and they can be delivered to any securities account. If you do not have a securities account established, we will assist in having one set up for you.

We Structure the Following Types of CDs:

  • Fixed Rate
  • Variable Rate
  • Zero Coupon CDs
  • Callable CDs (with a variety of call options)

The Following List Shows What Types of Entities Purchase CDs

  • Institutional
  • Private Individual
  • Pension Plans
  • Public Entities
  • Credit Unions
  • RA and Retirement Accounts